FRAGATA is a brand with a unique personality and a perception of premium quality, tradition & confidence.

FRAGATA is a brand with an elegant visual identity which acts as an attractive purchase drive at the very moment of the purchase decision and shall help to maintain brand loyalty and repeating purchases
Throughout the world, Mediterranean cuisine and, in particular, Spanish table olives, are gaining more popularity every day. Olives have become a common appetizer and a usual side dish of the main dishes. Many people share this sumptuous Mediterranean tradition of eating the fruit of the olive trees.

From the processing and packing plants located near Seville (Andalusia, southern Spain), a region well-known by the world experts as the ideal location for cultivating the best Manzanilla and Queen olives, FRAGATA offers a broad range of varieties which includes green and black olives, both pitted and whole or plain, as well as sliced and stuffed, and presented in any type and format of container that you require.